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1. „Introduction into Targeted Frequency Therapy for user and therapists“ Basic course for everyone!

Introduction into the principles of frequency therapy. Learning how to use energetic testing with tensors, kinesiology, electro-acupuncture (EAV). Recognition and elimination of test blockades. Operation and handling of frequency generators (zappers) using pre programmed chip cards (combo chip). Optimal use of magnetic field therapy in impaired Microcirculation. Starting on Saturdays at 10:00 AM. Duration: 1 day, max. 20 participants. 348,00 € incl. Vat Book course

2. Course I „Targeted Frequency Therapy for Therapists“ Only for registered therapists or being in education!

Use of energetic test proceedings for diagnostics and therapy in organic and functional disorders. Practical exercises, search for solutions. Programming of individual frequencies with a programming zapper on empty chipcards Duration: 1,5 days, max. 15 participants. 522,00 € incl. Vat Book course

3. Course II „Targeted Frequency Therapy for therapists“ Only for registered therapist!

Getting deeper into TFT and gaining routine in it. Use of frequencies from a data bank and finding of new frequencies Duration: 2 days, max. 20 participants.

4. Course III „Targeted Frequency Therapy in Tumor Disease“ Only for registered therapists.

Reserved for pecially skilled frequency therapists with a high degree of experience. You must qualify by attending previous courses and good test results. Application of TFT in different tumor diseases. Chances and limits of targeted frequency therapy application in order for the prevention of onset and for an efficient treatment of tumor diseases. Duration: 2 days, max.10 participants. To 3. Officially scheduled courses for the instruction in TFT in English are not available yet. In case of interest please let us know.