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Frequenzy therapy

What is and how works targeted frequency therapy (TFT)

Specific Frequency Therapy is a treatment where a pulsating electric current flows through the body. A power generator – respectively a frequency generator with a 9V battery as used in TENS therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) – is utilised. The electric current is interrupted and built up again. The frequency of interruptions per second is measured in Hertz (Hz) units. TENS therapy has been used worldwide for several decades to treat all kinds of pain and costs are usually paid by health insurance. Classical TENS therapy uses non-specific frequencies ranging from 1 to about 10,000Hz to suppress pain, although the analgesic effect is often short-lived. The advantage is that there are no known side effects.

The aforementioned Specific Frequency Therapy differs from the classical TENS therapy through the use of specific frequencies destroying or damaging pathogenic germs with an exact matching frequency. The principle is based on the law of resonance. Increasing rash at resonance application occurs because the system absorbs and stores energy with each vibration. This leads to the unrestrained destruction of the vibration medium (resonance catastrophe). Each substance has intrinsic oscillations and its own specific atomic and molecular structure, each substance has thus its own frequency pattern. If this self-oscillation is confronted or stimulated with the same frequency, oscillation intensity will increase and lead to the desired resonance catastrophe.

This way frequency therapy uses the law of resonance catastrophe to damage or destroy structures and membranes in pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The nucleus to be treated is confronted with its own frequency at electrical low-voltages and low currents with frequencies around 200,000 to 600,000Hz. These frequencies are not perceived by our nervous system so that the treatment is completely painless. For many years side effects have not been observed, even during several hour daily therapies.

In summary Specific Frequency Therapy can be described as a new form of treatment that uses pulsed weak electric impulses to destroy disease-causing germs. In doing so it contributes to relieving the immune system, with the metabolism and overall health improving. Resistance of the pathogens against frequency therapy could not be observed during the past thirteen years of experience.

If you want to know more about it then download our Booklet:
„Instructions for Specific Targeted Frequency Therapy using electrical frequencies programmed on Steramedig Chip Cards“  currently onlyx available in German for free downlaod. English version soon to come.

Book recommendation: „Health for All“ (original title „Gesundheit für Alle“), 190 Pages by Dr. Stefan Rastocny, translation Peter Walker, E-book and hardcover available June 2018